Welcome Back to School!

Homecoming 2021-2022

School Starts on September the 13th at 8:10 AM SHARP in the I.S. 392 School Yard. Please Come dressed in your Monday Best and have a Face Covering.

Please do your daily health screening every morning (you cannot do it the night before), please either do it using this site or the school app, under family called "Health Screening". You can download the school app in the App Store or Google Play by searching IS392. We will have paper forms for those who cannot access the site or app.

For 6th and 7th Graders this will also be your Meet the Teacher Day.

For 8th Graders your Meet the Teacher Day will be on September the 14th. This does not mean school starts on September the 14th, Only your Meet the Teacher Day.

Meet the Teacher Day means coming in to have breakfast with us, meeting the teachers you and your children will have this year. Along with filling out the necessary important documents.

Consent for Covid Testing

  • Submitting consent to have your child tested for COVID-19 in school is quick and easy. Please note if you already submitted consent during the last school year or summer, you will need to do so again for the 2021-2022 school year. Please check out this website to fill out the form.