General Dress Policy


Several dress-down days are held each year to increase school spirit, benefit charities and worthwhile causes. Students may dress casually keeping in mind the following:

  • No tank tops or cut off shirts are allowed.

  • No midriff, shoulder baring, revealing or open backs are permitted.

  • No student’s shirt, sweater or bag should contain an inappropriate picture, symbol or message.

  • Pants may not be ripped or contain holes.

  • Overly short apparel is not permitted.

The following guidelines shall apply to all school activities and events:

  1. Students shall give proper attention to personal cleanliness and neatness of dress.

  2. No slippers or house shoes or shoes with extremely high heels (this includes wedges) are allowed.

  3. No bare shoulders for boys or girls. Tank tops must cover students’ shoulders (4 fingers or larger width). Camisoles and bandanas are prohibited.

  4. Dress, grooming or accessories that contain language or symbols supporting sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or gang association shall not be worn.

  5. No hats, hoods, or beanies may be worn indoors for both boys and girls.

Students appearing on school grounds in violation of the dress code will be counseled, given a uniform to wear, and parents will be contacted.

A student who willfully and continuously violates the dress code may be subject to further disciplinary action according to the City Wide Discipline Code.

In short- if you are not sure, don't wear it!

If you do not adhere to the guideline as indicated above you will lose your dress down privileges!!!