Morning Line-Up/ Dismissal


Play football/Contact sports

Play tag

Climb on game equipment belonging to elementary school students

Go to the store/leave school premises after you arrive

Invite students from neighboring schools to play in school yard

Stay in the yard on rainy/snowy days

Eat food or have drinks in the school yard.

Return to school premises after you have been dismissed.


Come into the yard when you arrive on school perimeter

Line-up in an orderly fashion

Go into auditorium by 8:00AM

Socialize appropriately with your classmates.

Lunchroom Expectations

The following guidelines are intended to outline the general behavioral expectations we have for all students during assigned lunch periods. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in disciplinary actions.

Students are to remain seated and eat lunch at their designated tables.

Students are expected to deposit all lunch litter in garbage barrels and all aluminum cans in recycling receptacles.

Students are not to throw or toss food of any kind in the cafeteria or any other area of the school building.

Food and drinks are not permitted outside of the cafeteria.

Students are not permitted to leave the I.S. lunchroom without the permission of the cafeteria staff. All students must have written permission from a teacher or guidance counselor to receive lunchtime tutoring/counseling.

Glass containers are not permitted on school grounds.

In the event of a homeroom teacher’s absence, students are expected to have lunch with the class they are assigned to for that day.